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Disaster can strike at any time. Be prudent! Be prepared!
Welcome to the brand new Survival and Preparedness blog! We are very excited to have the opportunity to write about all kinds of survival topics and share all sorts of survival tips, tricks, gear reviews and more!

Survival topics have become increasingly more popular in our society for a variety of reasons. The last 12 years in particular have been really tough not only for the United States, but for the entire world. Terrorist attacks, unprecedented natural disasters, economic uncertainty, wars, inflation on all fronts, political and social unrest... it just feels like never before (in recent history) has there been a better time than the present to prepare for the possibility of something terrible happening in your future! Whether your crisis happens to occur on an extremely personal or local level (like job loss or a natural disaster) or on an a much larger scale, preparedness can be a life saver!

Most of us wouldn't dream of driving without wearing a seatbelt or without auto insurance. Most of us have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in our homes in case of a fire. Most of us have health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and so on... but so few of us have extra water, food, flashlights, hand crank radio and other important preps in case of a crisis like temporary power outage or worse. It is so easy to be prepared for such events on at least a basic level (72 hour kit or "Bug Out Bag") and costs so little... we wonder why more people aren't prepared for such events? It just seems so foolish not to be.

Employment is a real issue these days, but even unemployment is a type of crisis that we can prepare for. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, house fires, wild fires... aren't these all things we hear about on the news every day? Gas prices, food prices... everything is going up in price yet very few of us are actually seeing an increase in the size of our paycheck! Preparedness can help you through so many types of different crises ranging from the personal to global!

On this blog we are going to discuss an array of survival topics, demo survival skills and survival techniques, review survival gear and equipment, share tips and tricks, review survival movies and TV shows, share survival related humor (we love our zombies!!!) and so much more!

So if you love stuff like bacon in a can, pistol grip shotguns, Angus MacGyver, light sticks, the Walking Dead, Tactical Sammiches, machetes, thermitecrossbows, wood gasifiersparacord, Burt GummerBug Out Vehicles, survival shows like Survivorman Ten Days, Doomsday Preppers, Dual Survival, and The Colony, then this is the place for you!


The entire Equip2Survive team!