UVPaqlite(U-V- Pack- Light) is designed to be a night light in a dark environment like a bedroom, bathroom, tent, or shelter ALL night long.  Intentionally packaged in a vacuum sealed bag the UVPaqlite is light weight, easy to carry, waterproof, and ready to take anywhere.  The crystals inside the bag are what makes the UVPaqlite glow and it's also what makes the light reusable. After being exposed to any other type of light: sunlight, LED lights, Flashlights,  blacklights, etc. the UVPaqlites will glow as a night light all night long. And you can keep recharging them again and again forever.  To get the maximum effect of the UVPaqlite be sure your eyes are adjusted to the dark. This is your backup light source every night forever!