Bannock Bread Recipe!

Bannock Bread cooking over a fire!

Bannock Bread (also called "damper" in Australia) is a great way to cook bread in camping or survival situation. "Farls" and "scones" are also With no ovens in the wilderness, you simply make your dough (more on this in a moment) wrap it around a clean (or aluminum foil wrapped) stick and cook over your open campfire like slow-roasting a marshmallow!

Bannock is the originally Scotch name for what is actually a type of soda bread, a sort of "quick bread" made using sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as the leavening agent as opposed to the more commonly used yeast. One of the other traditional key ingredients in bannock (besides flour & salt... some recipes contain eggs) is buttermilk, which contains lactic acid. This lactic acid reacts with the baking soda and produces tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide causing the bread to "rise". "Quick breads" are a very cheap and minimalist way to make bread.

Try this recipe with your family while camping or bushcraft outing! Simple recipe, few ingredients, yet campfire deliciousness!