Survival Air Conditioner Evaporative Cooler
Swamp Cooler Evaporative Cooler
(AKA Survival Air Conditioner)

Survival Air Conditioners!

Ever think about what you would miss most during a real survival situation? If not... then you absolutely should! (One of the best ways to find out is to turn off your electric, water and gas for a weekend or week and find out!) Well... I absolutely have. I have a little list going, actually... and air conditioning is actually toward the top of the list!

When we think about survival, most of us are very aware of our need to keep our core body temperature up when it is cold with proper clothing, shelter, fire, and effective bedding. But we don't hear nearly as much about keeping cool. Hyperthermia (over-heating) is just as dangerous as hypothermia (over-cooling). Many still die every summer from heat waves and prolonged exposure to extreme high temperatures! So never underestimate the threat of overheating!

We "survivalists", are all about "surviving", right? Well... sure, but some of us are more about actually THRIVING than simply surviving. Taking on the apocalypse with a knife and some paracord may sound really hardcore, but let's face it... after a hard day "surviving" in the intense summer heat, wouldn't it be much nicer to call it a day and relax in a nice cool shelter? We certainly think so.

At E2S, our survival philosophy is pretty simple: Be prepared! If TSHTF and you are going to miss something after it does, then you need to set yourself up properly in advance and make sure you plan way to keep it around!

In the case of climate control, we find it of tremendous value to make devices like this and work out all the bugs in your system BEFORE actually need it! Figure out how it works, what you can do to make it perform better and really get familiar with it BEFORE you actually NEED to use it.

A device like this survival air conditioner requires another resource that you will need to need to prepare for properly as well: electricity. This survival air conditioner is going to require power, so the project assumes that you have already prepared for this important resources as well, via solar, wind, hydro, wood gasification or other.

So it may seem absurd to suggest that in a survival or SHTF scenario that you could ever enjoy a luxury like air conditioning ever again.... but this improvised evaporative cooler just proves that isn't necessarily the case! With a five gallon bucket, a fan and a few other supplies, you too can stay cool in your camper, tent, or shelter!

Fan and Copper Tubing Survival Air Conditioner Improvised
Survival Air Conditioner improvised from Fan and Copper Tubing.

Survival Air Conditioner Improvised from Cooler and PC Fans.
Survival Air Conditioner Improvised from Cooler and PC Fans.

Make survival air conditioner from a few household items.
Make survival air conditioner from a few household items.
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