"Survival"... What is survival? What does the word "Survival" mean?

"Survival" is an interesting word these days. "Survival" means so many things to so many different people. To most, the word "survival" simply means in a general sense to overcome a set of daunting circumstances and come out "on top". What does the word "survival" mean to you?

The word "survival" can be used to describe overcoming a rough childhood, a bad relationship, job loss, personal or financial tragedy or even the death/loss of a loved one. There is emotional and mental "survival", and then there is physical survival. Living through a life-threatening tragedy like a car accident, injury, potentially terminal illness or other. Both types of survival are very real. In fact, one could make the argument that there is "spiritual" survival as well... but we're not going to take that particular front on at this time. That is a different conversation entirely.

There are so many different kinds of tragedies that life can throw your way, and most of us face several different kinds in our lifetimes. You can blissfully go about your life ignoring this reality and face devastation on some front, or you can leverage the best tool to safeguard against tragedy: preparedness.

Preparedness comes in many shapes and forms. We are all "preppers" in one form or another whether you realize it or not. Those of us who try to take care of ourselves with good diets and exercise are "preppers" preparing their bodies for the future. We are "preppers" when we wear seat belts, invest in our childrens college while they are young, take out insurance policies, acquire fire extinguishers, invest in our 401Ks, open a savings account... all of these are "preps". Most people simply don't think of them that way.

Of course we are not suggesting that you can successfully prepare for each and every tragedy that could possibly come your way... but taking an honest look at the types of tragedies that are most likely to come knocking at our doors and making even just some very basic "preps" to ensure that you come out alive and on top... that is simply being responsible.

Survival preparedness is simply a matter of making sure that you and your family needs to take care of their basic needs (staying warm, staying cool, staying hydrated, nourished and as comfortable and positive as you can possibly be) are maintained during a temporary crisis. All this requires is having a handful of basic items with you at all times and knowing how to use those items.

The best place to start with survival preparedness is to simply ask yourself... if a crisis occurred now, would you be able to keep your family warm? Cool? Hydrated? Fed? Entertained? Safe? Happy? And if not... what are you doing about it? What changes do you need to make to be able to maintain these needs in a crisis? Make sure you have the required items at "arm's reach" at all times! Create a 72 hour kit for your home! Create a vehicle survival kit! Create a low profile kit for your office! Make a small kit to carry on your person! Cover the basics, then as you are able, supplement your kits appropriately as to what you have room for or can carry. And practice with your kits! Make sure you know how to use the items that are in those kits!