11 Underrated & Overlooked Survival Gear Items!
Always be open to new possibilities when it comes to survival!
For survival gear enthusiasts who have been around for a little while, there are a good number of survival gear items that, at this point, most of us are quite familiar with. The "old guard" of the survival gear world may shudder at our proposal to consider some newer, more unusual or perhaps just a bit overlooked survival gear items, but we feel like you deserve more than just the status quo in terms of survival gear options. We are pretty sure that you are well aware of "Swiss Army" knives, Leatherman multitools, MREs and paracord "survival" bracelets at this point. How about we take a closer look at some far less conventional survival gear items? Some that are a bit less cliché?

Sure, we get it... How can survival gear that is tried and true... survival gear that has earned it's rightful place among the ranks of it's elite survival gear "champion" counterparts... How can proven survival gear of this caliber ever become "cliché"? Well... we as a species are constantly discovering, innovating and inventing new ideas, methods and tools for every aspect of our lives. Why would this not be the case for our survival gear? What amazing innovations have been made on the survival gear front that you may be missing out on? What are some relatively recent survival gear innovations that you might not be aware of and might want to consider for your packs and kits?
There is absolutely something to be said for the old adage, "If it ain't broke don't fix it!". There are countless examples (well beyond just the survival gear realm) of how you simply can't improve upon the original... especially in the case of bushcraft, woodcraft ("Nessmuk" anyone?)and wilderness survival (which by default tend to be about primitive skills and doing things the way they used to be done with tools and materials of old). But in actual "survival" (disaster preparedness, prepping, survivalism, bugging out, etc.), where ideologically standing "true" to the old ways is less of a priority, we can and should be open to new ideas and innovations. There's a time and a place for tradition, but there's also a time and a place for choosing the right tool for the job... even if that tool seems a bit "newfangled" upon first impression.

In an actual "survival scenario" where you are genuinely trying to stay alive and ensure your survival... this is really not a scenario where you want to get particularly ideological (say, "purist" or "self-righteous" just for example) about your survival gear. In fact... your best option would probably be to remain open to any and all advantages that you can leverage, new or old.

So just in case you are interested in considering a few less conventional, frequently overlooked and completely underrated survival gear items, you are going to want to check out the list on our 11 Underrated and Overlooked Survival Gear Items page found here:

11 Underrated Survival Gear Items