Blizzard survival!
Blizzard survival at it's best!! ;)
So... last evening around 6PM we lost our power. It was almost completely dark and the windchill outside was -40 degrees!! We had just gotten well over a foot of snow and... I went into FULL FLEDGE APOCALYPSE mode. 

My wife Erin and I both immediately grabbed our head lamps. Next I grabbed my Goal Zero battery backup and light, Erin grabbed every candle in the house, I centralized all flashlights, snapped some chemlight sticks... 

Then I grabbed the Mr. Heater and slightly less than a dozen canisters of gas, gathered all sleeping bags, survival blankets, down blankets, hand warmers, etc. 

Had Erin fill up all pitchers and food safe containers with water while we still had water... 

Pulled the MSR Pocket Rocket stove, camp cookware, MREs, canned bacon, etc. ... 

Pulled the solar/crank radio off the “survival shelf”.

Next, I ripped out all of my reflective mylar survival blankets and Gorilla Taped them around our doors and windows to keep heat in and cold out. 

After an hour into going into full fledge "Zombie Apocalypse Mode" and wading through every piece of survival gear I owned, ranging from a bin full of survival knives to another full of molle pouches, I was sweating my tail off and needed a break. We were now officially set up for the 2014 Blizzard Apocalypse, so Erin decided to open a bottle of wine we had on hand to help us "endure" this thing. We were ready. Bring it, "Blizzard Apocalypse"!! In fact... throw a few zombies at us why don't ya??? 

Took one sip of my wine and... our power came back on. I now had "apocalypse" crap strewn all over the entire house. First thing out of my mouth... "Man, I have so much crap to up now." My wife started laughing her ass off!!

I was actually kinda SAD that our power came back on!! What is WRONG with me???

Erin and I now know that we can officially survive one hour without power. We are so proud right now. ;)

Where did my glass of "apocalypse wine" go?

Sure, our "crisis" only lasted for an hour (It was incredible how quickly the temperature fell in our house in a single hour!), but many of our friends and family in our local area went without power for days!! We were lucky, but we were also prepared in case we were not! The road conditions were too bad to go help people or get to a home with power and heat. Even though my story is a bit ridiculous and hilarious and a funny story to tell now (all my friends love ribbing me for it), they KNOW and RESPECT that I was fully prepared should the situation have been worse for us!

Here are just a handful of the items that we "deployed" quickly for this emergency just to give you some ideas and inspiration for preparing your own home and family for a power outage or natural disaster!

UVPaqlight Large
UVPaqlight Large long lasting glow in the dark mat to conserve
battery power!

Cyalume Light Sticks
Cyalume Light Sticks

Grabber Outdoors Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket
Grabber All Weather Reflective Blankets

16 hour survival candle
16 hour survival candle

Goal Zero "Light A Life" LED lantern
Goal Zero "Light A Life" LED lantern

Headlamp attached to a "frosted" pitcher for
an improvised lantern!

My wife diligently filling up any and all containers with water!
She's a keeper!

Survival kitchen all set up with MRE's GSI cookset,
MSR Pocket Rocket stove, fuel canisters, and silicon "squishy
bowl" dinnerware!

Cheap mylar blankets taped over all windows and glass doors
to help keep heat in and cold out!

Another LED light behind a big water container to amplify
light! GREAT trick!

Decorative tea light candles even came in handy!

Better shot of the mylar space blankets employed... AFTER
the lights came back on.  ;)

Front door covered with mylar too!