How Glow In The Dark Survival Gear Mods Could Save Your Life!

Simply adding glow in the dark gear mods to your 
survival gear and tools helps you keep track of them
much after dark!
Everyone knows that a large part of being prepared for a survival situation means having the right tools on hand. But what if you made the necessary preparations and gathered all those necessary tools, but then you lose your knife, firesteel, or other critical survival tool in the dark? Or what if you simply need to find something quickly and easily in the dark after you have gone to bed?

Losing gear is so easy to do and most of us have done it. You can easily get your firesteel out, start your tinder or fire steel, cavalierly set your firesteel down somewhere while you attend to nurturing your fire... then once your fire has taken off realize you have no idea where you laid your firesteel!! So frustrating!! The same can happen with your knife, saw, machete, or any other piece of gear! Especially in the dark!

So what’s the answer? Well one really prudent precaution to take is to simply add a modification of some kind to your precious gear that makes it (or at least a small part of it) glow in the dark so it is much easier to find!

There are a number of ways for you do to this. You can actually buy gear that has GITD components already built into it like a knife with GITD scales or a firesteel with GITD grip. But many of these items, while they may glow in the dark, tend not to be of very good quality on other important fronts. 

You could put a strip of glow in the dark Duck Tape or a glow in the dark sticker of some kind on your gear, but those could potentially get wet and eventually come off.

Glow in the dark paracord is another possibility. You could put lanyards made of glow in the dark paracord on your knives and firesteels! You could put a turkshead knot wrap on your pack or gear handles. This is a nice solution in many ways, but much of the GITD “paracord” out there is not really 550 paracord at all, so you must be careful about treating it as such.

Glow in the dark paracord doing what it does
best... glowing in the dark!
While we are talking about paracord, another clever option is glow in the dark cord ends or even beads that you can put right on your paracord. These make great GITD zipper pulls for jackets and packs!

Another great solution is to get ahold of some high quality glow in the dark powder or paint. The nice thing about this stuff is if you get quality powder or paint, the glow “charge” can literally last HOURS!! It’s really impressive stuff!

You can then mix your GITD powder into a epoxy mixture or Sugru and use it as filler in divots and various other pockets or depressions in your gear. You can even add a dollop of the glowing epoxy mixture into a hole you drill into your kydex sheath or knife scales for this purpose, making a glow in the dark dot integrated right into your gear!

One more option that is popular with flashlight enthusiasts is glow in the dark rubber O-rings that you can put on your flashlights or even fire pistons. Signaling is yet another terrific use for GITD materials and mods. You could leave glow in the dark trail markers with strands of glow in the dark paracord or glow in the dark Duck Tape to assist search and rescue with locating you after dark! 

Check out this before and after shot of this paracord survival
grenade! Just one example of how glow in the dark survival 
gear items are so much easier to find in the dark!
Glow in the dark mods have a lot of practical survival uses and can help you keep your gear from getting lost. What other glow in the dark mods can you think of for survival gear? Have you added any GITD mods to your own gear already? Tell us about them with your comments below!

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