Why A Bug Out Trailer Should Be A Part Of Your Preps!

Have you considered a bug out trailer as part of
your preps? Well perhaps you should!
Bug out vehicles are extremely popular with preppers, survivalists and preparedness enthusiasts, but have you considered a bug out trailer to compliment your bug out vehicle with? Well, for a number of reasons... perhaps you should!

Let's talk about some of the advantages of having a bug out trailer over simply having a bug out vehicle. For starters, you can deck out your bug out trailer in ways that allow you to NOT have to deck out your vehicle with gear and all sorts of survival trappings. Let's face it... we can't all afford to have a designated bug out vehicle. We use our vehicles every day for all sorts of daily life tasks like commuting to work, hauling kids, picking up groceries, going out to dinner and everything else we all do throughout a given week. It's tricky to design a vehicle to meet all of your survival needs AND have it meet all of your other daily needs. So what if you could simply attach a trailer to your hitch on your regular vehicle that turns it into a mean survival machine? Well, you can!

Another great reason to consider a bug out trailer is the simple fact that your gear is much better protected from wear and tear from the elements! Keeping your gear in a hot car while it is parked in the hot sun while you are out and about or while you are at work all day can be really hard on batteries, food, gear and so much more. Tools are nearly as well protected from rust caused by humidity. Keeping your designated bug out trailer in your garage or in another protected area can keep your gear out of the hot sun, wind, rain, snow and more prolonging the life of your gear so that it is ready when you need it!

You can put virtually whatever you could possibly want or need in terms of gear and supplies in or on your bug out trailer in ways that you could not put on your vehicle in a practical way. How about an integrated fully decked out camp kitchen? No problem. Solar panels and a battery bank? You got it! A roof top tent? You bet! (Sure you can put a roof top tent on your vehicle, but the elements from driving around with it on your main vehicle every day can really wear and tear on your roof top tent). How about extra cans of fuel for your vehicle? Propane tanks and a heater? Not a problem! And if you store all of these items in or on your bug out vehicle protected in your garage or out building, your gear and tools stay safe from the elements and you don't have to store or carry all of this stuff around in your everyday vehicle! How nice is that?

There are a lot of options in terms of procuring your ideal bug out trailer. Bug out trailers can be purchased already made ("Adventure Trailers") or they can be homemade if you are handy. You can even repurpose old truck beds if you are so inclined. Your bug out trailer could even be a "teardrop trailer" with a camper like sleeping area inside and you can still add a rooftop tent to it!

The possibilities for bug out trailers are virtually endless and are only limited to your imagination!

So what do you think about a bug out trailer? What would your ideal bug out trailer be? Let us know with your comments!

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