Why MEN Should Be Using Pinterest!

Why EVERY Man Should Be Using Pinterest!
Ever wonder why there isn’t a Pinterest for men? 

Well actually, there is. It’s called... Pinterest. Most men just don’t realize that Pinterest is for them too! And honestly… if you are a man and you are not using Pinterest, you are really missing out. There is so much cool “man stuff” on Pinterest and we are going to prove it to you!

While Pinterest continues to thrive as one of the top social media powerhouses (70 million users in 2014), it does have a serious PR problem. Pinterest seems to be neglecting an real opportunity to virtually double it’s users by simply attracting men. Currently, Pinterest use is overwhelmingly dominated by women (80%)! But why? There is so much terrific “man stuff” on Pinterest too!

So why not men? 
So why is Pinterest mostly hugely successful with women? We honestly have no idea. For some reason the whole visual/image approach to collecting ideas and inspiration in an easy to use web service just really resonated with women very early on. But one thing we do know is... men are really missing out by choosing to pass on Pinterest.

Very few men have any clue how crazy rich Pinterest is with “man stuff”. Sure, Pinterest can save you money, help you organize your life, help you learn how to do all kinds of DIY projects, and SO much more... but Pinterest offers so MUCH more than that.

What kind of “man stuff” you ask? Well… what kind are you into? Cars? Fishing? Grilling? Tattoos? Fitness? Camping? Woodworking? Motorcycles? Cigars? Poker? Sports? Guns? It’s all on Pinterest! And lots of it!

What is the big deal about Pinterest?? 
We all know by now what a great resource the internet is in all of our lives. We turn to sources like Google, YouTube and Facebook for all sorts of important information. What makes Pinterest so uniquely powerful is two fold: Pinterest is highly visual (which is incredibly powerful in helping us orient ourselves in this fast-paced world), and it is like a supercharged “bookmarking” system that makes it really easy for you to come back to and organize various articles, sites, photos, videos and more all in one place! Pinterest is frequently preferred by its users over even Google for finding all kinds of life solutions!

How Pinterest literally saved me $5000! 
Our air conditioner went out and the repair man told me exactly what was wrong with it: Our furnace blower motor went out. We’d just spent $1000 two months ago to get the furnace fixed and now it was going to cost us an additional $1000 to get this issue fixed. But the repair man told me that several other problems with our HVAC system were eminent and that we should get a whole new system for $5000. I was not pleased at this news or at the prospect of shelling out another $1000 to $5000… And I suspected that I was getting snowed.

So… I turned to Pinterest. I was amazed what I found. All kinds of pins that pointed me toward various web resources and DIY videos on YouTube that gave me all the information I needed to determine what parts I needed to replace my furnace blower motor and capacitor… for under $300!! I ordered the parts, carefully followed the instructions on the resources that I found via Pinterest and we were back up and running again after about a half day’s work!

Browser bookmarks suck. Pinterest doesn’t. 
Look, we all find all kinds of great info, pages, images, videos and more on the web that we want to come back to, right? Bookmarks and favorites in your browser just don’t cut it anymore. How about a visual, organized, convenient and information-rich resource to replace those old browser bookmarks and favorites? Yeah? Congratulations! You just became a huge fan of Pinterest.

Pinterest is WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!! 
Not interested in Crock Pot recipes, makeup tips and wedding dresses? No problem. Don’t repin anything about those topics. Don’t follow any pinners or boards that do. Don’t create any boards about those topics. Interested in vikings, motorcycles, tattoos, grilling, fly fishing, the Walking Dead… or whatever else you can think of? Make boards about those things and pin pins about those topics! It’s fun, relaxing, inspiring and such a great way to learn new things and collect all of your ideas and inspiration in one organized easy to use resource that you can access from all of your devices!!

Find something cool on the web and want to come back to it? Add it to one of your Pinterest boards right from your browser (typically with an easy to install browser add-on or plugin)!

And what’s cool is… Pinterest actually “learns” what you like too. The more you use Pinterest the “smarter” it gets. Once you start following a few boards and pinners that pin the kind of stuff that you are into, your Pinterest “home page” automatically populates more related pins about stuff you like!

Why would an article about Pinterest be on a blog about survival, preparedness and bushcraft?
Yes, admittedly this is a bit of a "topic detour" for us, but the answer is quite simple. Pinterest is an absolute WEALTH of information on these topics, and we are passionate about using it. It is such an amazing resource for us and we simply had to share this with other men out there. For example... Check out our Equip2Survive Pinterest profile with nearly 90,000 pins about all kinds of survival, preparedness and bushcraft ideas!

Not into survival or the outdoors? No problem. Just make your Pinterest profile and boards about what YOU are interested in. We just wanted to show you an example of one hell of a Pinterest profile (if we do say so ourselves) so you could see how Pinterest does not have to be about Twilight or Alanis Morissette.

Give Pinterest a try, men! What do you have to lose?

Check out the Equip2Survive Pinterest Profile here!:

Visit EQUIP2SURVIVE's profile on Pinterest.