Paracord Project Inspiration!

You can make all kinds of great looking and
useful items with 550 paracord! The cow
hitch knot was used to make this fantastic
looking paracord water bottle net holder!
As you probably already know, paracord is awesome stuff. It is an amazing tool and resource to have in a survival situation. Paracord is so versatile for fabricating things like shelters, traps, rigging tarps, fishing, using to fabricate a bow drill, suspend a bottle over a fire... the list of survival uses for paracord is endless!

Because of this wonderful versatility, many survival enthusiasts have turned ways to ensure that paracord is in their kits and with them at all times! Sure you can throw a hank of paracord in a pack pocket, but what if you find yourself in a crisis situation where your bug out bag or EDC happens to not be with you? This is what has inspired so many folks come up with all kinds of creative ways to make certain that paracord is with them at all times!

One great way to make sure that you have 550 paracord on you at all times is to swap out your boot or shoe strings with paracord! Pretty clever, huh? While this is a terrific idea, there are so many more clever things you can do with paracord!

Other examples of popular paracord projects include the common "survival bracelet", paracord lanyards and paracord keychain fobs... but many paracord enthusiasts go well beyond these in terms of creativity and functionality.

It's increasingly more common to see people replace their classic leather belt with a belt made from paracord! Paracord dog collars, leashes and harnesses are also popular. Paracord wraps on knife, axe, hatchet and other tool handles are a terrific idea as well! How about paracord wraps on luggage handles, pack handles and other straps? Or paracord guitar straps and rifle lanyards? We have seen all kinds of really cool and practical applications for paracord like watch bands, slings for water bottles, compression straps with handles for blankets/bedding, pouches, drink koozies, zipper pulls (some oversized to make them easier to grab with mittens or gloves on), laptop bag straps... the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

OK... now for some really creative and decorative uses for paracord. Many folks have done some really nice paracord bottle nets to protect their bottles and hang them from their pack with a carabiner! You can use a cobra knot to paracord wrap your phone charging cable! Sportsmen and women can easily make their own paracord fishing lure, fly or duck call lanyard! There are even some great mess kit sets that come with a nesting stove, cook pot, and bottle all contained in a paracord holder and clip on shoulder strap! You can even make beautiful paracord "jewelry" out of paracord!

Classic "double cobra" knot survival
bracelet in ACU camo colors. 
Paracord projects are typically done with a number of popular knots. These knots are used for tying and wrapping paracord around various items for all kinds of projects. The cobra knot and the king cobra (or double cobra) is by far the most popular and most common knot for paracord project use. It is an easy knot to learn and extremely versatile.

Like the cobra knot, many of these popular paracord knots are very easy to learn and utilize, but a few are a bit more challenging... but that doesn't stop paracord enthusiasts from using them! While a few of these knots are a bit more challenging, these more challenging knots produce some really amazing results. They are really cool looking and are well worth the extra effort. The "turks head" knot is a terrific example of one such knot. It is a beautiful decorative knot that is very popular, despite being somewhat more difficult to tie.

This Nalgene bottle was
wrapped with a three color
turks head wrap. The center
strand was made using
reflective paracord making
it extravisible in the dark!
There are a host of other knots that can help you make some really amazing looking paracord projects. To learn more about all kinds of knots (both useful and decorative), check out our Knots Pinterest board for all kinds of photos, tutorials and more!:

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A paracord "survival grenade" is a 
micro survival kit wrapped in 
paracord with a carabiner attached 
to clip to a kit or keychain.
One of our favorite paracord innovations over the last few years is the paracord "survival grenade"! No, they are not explosive weapons. "Grenade" is simply a nickname that has become popularized for these little micro survival kits that are completely wrapped in paracord for protection. Often these little "survival grenades" consist of a handful of micro survival tools (like a tiny knife, micro firesteel and striker, fish hooks, some kind of tinder, etc.) and wrapped in aluminum foil or stuffed in an Altoids tin, then the paracord is wrapped around the outside of the kit container and contents to keep the kit wrapped and protected by the tough paracord. Because the paracord is wrapped around the outside of the kit, it takes no room at all on the inside of the kit yet you still have your paracord as pard of the kit! Usually a little carabiner is clipped on to a loop in the paracord so that the entire tiny kit can quickly be clipped to a pack or even a keychain.

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In addition to paracord for your paracord projects, you might want to invest in some useful paracord project hardware items to complete your project. Most of these are very inexpensive. Items like buckles, shackles, clips, cord ends, cord stops/locks, d-rings and more! The hardware you will need will depend on what you are making with your paracord project. You can find lots of the most popular paracord project hardware here!:

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There are also a number of tools that you could be interested in that can really help you with your paracord projects too. Basic hemostats are really helpful when you need to pull a loose paracord end through a tight spot. You can get a pair of basic hemostats for just a couple of bucks! Paracord needles are another really helpful tool. Paracord needles are a unique hollow needle that is threaded on the inside to hold your paracord as you push it through tight places. Paracord needles are a must for turks head knots. You can even get (or make) special jigs to help you get your survival bracelets exactly the right length!

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If you are interested in doing some paracord projects of your own, then check out our Paracord Pinterest board for tons of inspiration, project and knot tutorials, clever ways to use paracord, and so much more!

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